Hello Kent 2018 WordCampers!


Here are my slides from my keynote. To download simply click HERE or on the icon itself.

Additionally, here are the links to the tools/resources I mentioned during the presentation.

Also, as a reminder, below are the subjects for the 5 email sequence that I send out when I use my CRM (Pipedrive). I space them out from 3 to 5 days each. 

  1. Regarding your website —> URL HERE
  2. Checking in & how about a free website audit?
  3. Regarding your website... Website Before & After samples
  4. What your website could look like.
  5. Everything okay

Lastly, per request.... if you are interested in saving time and using the actual verbiage that I use in my emails click the button below.

[Full disclosure -- some of those resource links are affiliate links.]