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These are resources that I ACTUALLY use! I will not recommend anything without prior knowledge of how it works and the company behind it. If something changes in regards to how these services work, I will let you know and update this list accordingly. Within certain categories, I've listed multiple options as choices are good.

Domain Registration is awesome as they only offer 2 services. Domain registration and email hosting. Nothing else. No hard up-sells, no confusion. Oh, and web registration privacy is included. 


Pipedrive is the CRM & pipeline management tool that I use daily for running my agency. I tested two others but at the end of the day, PD was the one for me. 


Below are the subjects for the 5 email sequence that I send out when I use with Pipedrive for business development I space them out from 3 to 5 days each. 

  1. Regarding your website —> URL HERE
  2. Checking in & how about a free website audit?
  3. Regarding your website .... Website Before & After samples
  4. What your website could look like....
  5. Everything okay

If you are interested in saving time and using the actual verbiage that I use in my emails click the button below. You can grab the ebook as well. It's $10

Web Hosting

Siteground Logo

Local Development

Desktop Server – This is the best way to spin up WordPress websites in a local environment, quickly and easily!

Premium Theme

I am currently using Beaver Builder as it serves my purposes well and I do believe it'll help you too!

Email List Building

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