Where am I?

whereareyouOkay yes, I do realize that the last post was on New Years Day, and I do feel really bad, but alas January turned out to be a really busy month for me.  I’m not making excuses, rather an explanation and then a promise!  Ready?

So, immediately after New Years, I jetted off to Las Vegas to attend New Media Expo.  When I say “jetted”, well that was the “plan”.  Snow storms on the East coast mucked up flights for us on the West Coast.  After 45 mins at LAX and realizing that my flight was delayed until 3:30AM, I went home (7 miles south) and decided to drive.  Made it to Las Vegas in 4hrs 15 mins!  No Traffic #Rare

Upon returning from 4 days in Las Vegas, I started teaching the 9th session of my WordPress 101 class at the local Adult School.  Typically not a lot of new prep is needed, but WordPress did a major update a week earlier as did the Headway Framework.  So I had to change all of my presentation slides.  I had to figure out what was new in order to teach it, which takes time. #JustSaying!

nmxSo, How was New Media Expo? It was great. This was the 2nd year that I attended and saw some old friends (not by age but by meeting them last year & staying in touch) and met some new people.   Couple of the take aways were:

  • It’s not about the tech or the tools, its about the content.  Producing it and sharing it. Sure, there may be 10 others or 100 others in the same “category” that you are blogging about or podcasting, but whats unique is YOUR voice.
  • Don’t let FEAR stop you from starting.  I really thank Jared Easley for this tidbit.  His podcast “Starve the Doubts” is by far one of my favorite podcasts to date as it shows that WE all have doubts, but that they can be beaten.

One of my main goals in attending wasn’t the sessions – albeit there were a handful of REALLY good ones (Scott Strattens keynote ROCKED and Chris Brogan & Lewis Howes nailed it)… it was to meet and connect with like minded people.

Okay, that was the explanation.  Now for the promise… Starting Febuary 2014 (i.e. TOMORROW)  I will be blogging regularly. That means at least 1x a week if not more.  I will also be adding video tutorial content monthly.  Finally, per a daily virtual reminder/kick in the pants on skype, I’ll be launching the KSWP Podcast.   Of course I pick the shortest month to do all that!

Simple as this:  Clarity begets action.   Now go have a great weekend!