What’s behind the Curtain?

custserv-manbehindthecurtainEver finding yourself just surfing the web, doing “research” (aka killing time) to be inspired (procrastinating) and come across a really cool website design? Sure you have! Or maybe see a plugin that does something you want, or perhaps even need.  Your with me right?

That's when the curiosity poses the question, “What Theme/Plugin are they using?”  To find out there are a few options…

Of course you could use the browser keyboard shortcut (Using Chrome on a Macintosh its OPTION+CMD+U) to look at the code but it’s not pretty. (Well, some may beg to differ and consider Code is Poetry.  Heck I sometimes think I see code when there isn’t any, and according to my wife, when I talk in my sleep, I often talk about technology) I digress.


Well, looky here, someone else saw the need for a nicer if not easier way to find out what we all wanted to know. They put up a website and created a nice little interface for us. “What Theme Is That?”  is where you can enter a domain and voila! Results! What I also like is the fact that it lists mosts of the plugins being used on the site as well.


Hope this helps for when you really want to know whats behind the curtain!