Backup File Size Update! Digging Deeper!

images-1A little update on podcast episode #16 where I discussed the SIZE of the backup file over 1gb!

I just backed up KSWP site & did noticed that the full backup was a bit larger then it should be… at 121mb.   I opened the zip and realized that there was still a copy (archive) from WP Clone. Interestingly enough, I had that plugin de-activated.. and upon re-activation there is no “easy” way to delete that file from the plugin interface after it's been turned off and turned back on.

To remove that file, I had to log into cPanel on my hosting provider (Hostgator) navigate to the file manager and carefully made my way to the correct directory to delete just that file. Doing that saved me 60mb of space, which makes sense as its a copy of the site. 

So, the lesson learned is just because a plugin is OFF doesn't mean that it's contents are gone.

Just wanted to share and let you know my findings!