Welcome to KitchensinkWP!

stock-photo-4951493-grand-openingHello and welcome to the new site!  I am VERY excited to finally get this off the ground as it's been a long time coming!

The reason for creating this site is that I really just wanted to have a place where I can share what I know and learn with others out in the WordPress world.

As time goes on, this site will evolve with the addition of tutorials, webinars and a podcast. The order of those items are not set in stone, but please let me know if you have ANY questions.  I really enjoy helping people solve problems as best I can.

In case you do not know already know, I am a HEADWAY framework user.  That said, I may lean a little towards using HW as the first offered solution and video tutorials. That isn't to say that other themes out there won't work, it's just that I don't know them as well.  Heck, even Headway keeps upping the ante and making some amazing changes that I am still learning about.

Here is to building a new community!   Thanks for stopping by and lets see what we can do together.