Podcast E251 – It’s Listener Q/A Time!

This week I answer listener questions

Upcoming Events

Segment 1: In the News

Segment 2:  Listener Questions

  1. What is this CCPA — is it the same as GDPR?  Referenced link
  2. You’ve mentioned launching your side podcast “It’s Not a Hobby” a few times over the last couple of years on your show – are you still thinking of doing it?
  3. Do you have any hints, tips, suggestions, resources on starting up a WordPress Meetup from scratch?
  4. WordCamps in Europe. You said back in 2016 that you really wanted to attend a WordCamp in Europe and then again in 2017 – have you had a chance to attend one yet? 
  5. Are you as a WordPress web designer and developer using Meta Tags of any kind when building websites? I think they are kind of old school and not many people use them, but I read somewhere an SEO article where they are still recommending to use it. Thanks for your answer and all your hard work.
  6. Any thought do doing deeper dives episodes of the podcast?

Segment 3: Tool of the Week

This weeks episode is sponsored by OrganizeWP