Free resource to answer the question…

On a fairly consistent basis, I am often asked the following questions, “is that a WordPress website” and if so, “what theme is that?”  Being a geeky/techy person, I can look at the code and tell right away (for the most part as the “Generator” tag is not often used anymore – I digress). For those of you who aren't as geeky and/or don't know what to look for when looking at the code, but there is a FREE tool that makes this process much much easier!  The website is simply WHAT THEME IS THAT!  Enter the url and voila, it tells you if it is WordPress, the version the theme used along with any plugins!  Very cool!  Here is what comes up if you check out this site:


As you can see, I don't have a lot of extra bells and whistles at this time on the site.  Of course that could change, but I personally only use things that I need to keep the site speed optimal.  To may plugins can slow things down.