UXPA Los Angeles: Portfolio Building & Getting It All Online with WordPress

April 29, 2017 @ 8:00 am – 1:00 pm
Indie Desk
333 S Grand Ave #450
Los Angeles, CA 90071

We all need to to do – have a current resume and portfolio and have it all up online. Your website is THE key to how you are perceived your peers and potential employers and clients all over the world. And yet you procrastinate somehow it never seems to get done or if you do make the effort you whiz through it just to get it over with.

One of the most prominent skills to being a good UX professional is the art of storytelling. And yet the hardest story you will ever tell is the one about yourself. In this mini-workshop we’ll go over what a contextual UX Resume is and why you need to write one, your support system in doing so, the talking points you should be writing from the exercise and how to take all that information and create a journey-filled online-portfolio. The 2nd half of the workshop will focus on getting your site up and running using WordPress.